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Investments and business opportunities.

We serve sophisticated investors and corporations seeking strategic investment opportunities around the world.

Entrepreneurship and experience working together

At Simon & Partners, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we identify the most strategically sound investment and business opportunities; opportunities that offer you the greatest possible return on your investment, while at the same time meeting your current standards for risk tolerance.

Whether you are looking to invest in new markets, new industries, or both, our team of more than 100 professionals in Brazil, Bahamas, Canada, Germany, and Panama, take pride in offering you the most comprehensive investment research and expert business advice.

We know that the only way to create value for our firm is by creating value for our clients, and our goal is to be recognized as a world leader in providing business and financial advice.

Use our expertise in the investment field to ensure greater profitability and significant results for our clients, acting with professionalism, intelligence and ethics.

To be a reliable and responsible advisor to our customers, identifying profitable business opportunities, with entrepreneurial vision and world-class service delivery.

Responsibility, transparency, honesty and respect in all relationships with customers, investors, shareholders and stakeholders.

Our proposal

  • 1

    With entrepreneurial vision, identify and create businesses with high potential growth.

  • 2

    Minimizing risk through comprehensive analysis, management assessment, and local market knowledge.

  • 3

    Build strong relationships with customers and stakeholders, based on ethics, transparency, quality, and mutual trust.

Our team

Simon & Partners has a team of over 100 professionals working in our 5 offices - Germany, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, and Panama.

  • Naramsin Simon

    Founder and President

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  • Prof. Dr. Werner-Josef Gartner


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  • Dr. Christel H. Herzog

    Chief Vision Officer

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  • Dr. Jürg Leutert

    Foreign Affairs Consultant

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  • Dr. Ulrich H. Hustert

    Senior Vice President for International Relations

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  • Dr. Marcos Tavares Leite

    International Lawyer

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  • Robert Langer

    Chief Marketing Officer

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Our team has professional specialists in different markets. introducing markets and possibilities for customers and apply marketing strategies for products and brands.

  • Startup creations

    Through our solid experience in business and finance, Simon & Partners guides entrepreneurs and investors, leading information, accurate analysis and guidance, transforming uncertainty scenarios into opportunities. We develop business models that generate profitability.

  • Shares of titles

    Focus on customer investments optimization, we seek the best assets in the financial market and optimal profitability for the balance of the companies.

  • Security certificates

    Administration with a focus on improved profitability.


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Discover the best investment opportunities

With a team of professionals connected with the financial market and the world of business trends, Simon & Partners can bring together the best investment opportunities in the countries where it operates. Know the business plans and investment conditions and select the investment that meets your expectations.

Our offices

  • São Paulo, Brasil

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Rua Haddock Lobo, 337 – 8th floor
    São Paulo - SP
    +55 11 3280-0770

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  • Gütersloh, Germany

    Gütersloh, Germany

    Scharnhorststr, 10 – 33330
    Gutersloh, NRW

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  • Panamá

    City of Panama, Panama

    50th Street, Banco Continental Building 20th floor
    City of Panama, Panama

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  • Toronto, Canadá

    Toronto, Canada

    250 Yonge Street – Suite 2201
    Toronto Ontario - M5B – 2L7

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  • Freeport, Bahamas

    Freeport, Bahamas

    Isle of Lucaya, Freeport
    Grand Bahamas, Bahamas
    +1 786 220-1151

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